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Nations around the world are striving to reduce e-waste. The paper in your notebooks is made of recycled waste. Scrap metal salvaged from junkyards build our buildings. Governments are spending billions on researching new ways to supplement the consumption of raw materials, especially precious elements like Gold. As time passes, mining and locating these raw materials will eventually become unsustainable. Governments alone cannot be held responsible for saving the earth though. NGOs everywhere are contributing to a cleaner Planet Earth Did you know that more than 60% of used phones are tossed into landfills? Most phones which are tossed away however, have only a few functional parts faulty. These phones can be repurposed, fitted with new parts, and distributed amongst the needy. You may crave a phone which can run the best games and carry out all your professional commitments. However, there are people who simply crave a phone to communicate with a loved one, to stay in touch, to feel secure and safe.

Donate your Device today.

If you wish to donate an old mobile phone you aren’t using anymore, a model which has stopped receiving the support of the manufacturer, or a phone with a damaged part, simply issue a donation request here!

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How it Works?

  • A Repaireasy serviceman will pick up your device from your home
  • The device is delivered to the nearest Repaireasy service center.
  • Once the device is refurbished, we donate it to nearby NGOs for distribution
  • Meanwhile, as a token of our appreciation, you receive a free Repaireasy Discount Voucher

Impact of Ewaste

If we look at our old devices; devices like mobile phones, desktops, etc., we are only able to see the casing, which seem perfectly safe. But, as they say, there’s more to a book than its cover, it’s what lies inside the casing that poses a great threat. Components like lead, mercury, copper, barium, nickel, etc., are all present inside these casings. Once disposed, these devices end up in landfills, which over the course of time enters the soil-crop- food pathway. These elements, if ingested by our bodies, cause a whole array of diseases like cancer and diabetes to name a few. The impact is not only limited to our bodies; these elements are also detrimental to our environment. To dispose the devices which are not used, people often burn them in landfills or their backyards. This affects the environment for the worse. The open burning of these devices releases hydrocarbons into the air, which has adverse effects on the environment. It’s clear that eWaste is hampering the environment and our prosperity as humans. So, what should you do with the devices you’re not using? It’s time to act and donate.

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