What are the charges if the device is irreparable?
We do not charge you unless we are able to fix! All you shell out is a small “Engineer Checking Charge” For Phones it is Rs 99, for dead phones it is Rs 120 and for computers and laptops, the minimum charges are Rs 299, which is deducted is the final bill.
Is your policy the same for Dead Devices or Devices already worked upon by someone else?
For dead or already worked upon/tampered devices, we currently charge Rs 120/- as a nominal checking charge, which is deducted from the final bill. In case, the device is irreparable then the only amount your spend is Rs 120.
Do I still get Free Pick and Drop for Dead, Tampered or already opened device?
Yes. We never charge for Pick and Drop!
Do you service devices still under Manufacturer Warranty?
We do not provide services for these devices. We, however repair if the warranty is void due to some terms or conditions of the agreement not being met, like water damage, breakage etc. These are of-course not done free of cost!
I think you are expensive, are you?
We give better rates and a world class service experience to our customers, and that too at honest rates. We believe that we are very competitive and give better rates than other local vendors. We encourage you to check the rates with other vendors and their terms and conditions too. We are sure that you will find no one better to take care of your device than us!
I want to come to the service centre my self?
You are welcome to visit us on any working day. Our service centre is at FC Road! You can find our address here!
I want to deliver the device myself?
You can choose any one of the enclosed drop points. You can find them here! After the repairs, you can either pick it up from the same point or we can get it delivered to your choice of destination.
What does the One Year warranty cover?
We cover replaced parts and spares and the associated workmanship. For example, if its a cracked LCD, then we cover the LCD and the related workmanship only.
Where do I call if the device malfunctions during the warranty period?
The same customer care number or email address and we will promptly get to work.
I have a discount coupon, how do I use it?
The next time you avail a repaireasy™ service, just hand over the coupon at the time of billing and you will get the discount!
Are all coupons valid for life?
Yes, as of now all coupons are valid for life. There is no expiry date.
What if I am not happy with the service?
We strive for your satisfaction and will do all we can to make you happy. Just give us a call at the our customer care number or drop us an email and we will be more than happy to assist!
I am still unhappy, whom do I escalate the matter to?
If you are this unhappy with our service, then the CEO of the company would like to hear about it. Do drop an email to ceo@repaireasy.in and be rest assured that he will do everything to make you smile :)