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You’re trying to send an important email on your cell phone, and your phone freezes! What do you do? The first step in the grand plan of action is to get annoyed.

Yes. It’s quite frustrating to spend thousands on a high-end smart-phone and not get desired results. Especially when the smooth and speedy performance promised disappears. We all face this issue, with our phones behaving like moody snails. But here’s the truth: We’re responsible too!
The biggest mistake we make is overloading our phone with truckloads of unnecessary applications. An app for messaging, one for taking selfies, one for editing selfies, one for messaging the edited selfies, and one for posting an online status announcing that we recently messaged out the edited selfies. Isn’t technology wonderful?

Not to worry! There’s always a solution to get your cell phone back to its original speed, without getting into annoying repair shop hassles. You can get repaireasy, or try these 5 simple steps by yourself to improve your Android phone’s performance:

  1. Don’t wait, time to update
    We usually ignore system updates, thinking we will do them later. Well here’s what happens to your phone when you don’t update your phone: Your worst nightmare comes true–the device becomes really slow. What you need to do is update your phone as soon as you see that message. Latest updates usually contain bug fixes and general improvements that help your phone work faster than before.
  2. What’s Live? Your phone or your wallpaper
    Search for live wallpapers online & you’ll find a lot of fancy live wallpapers. Don’t be tempted to download them if you’re looking for phone performance. Here’s the catch: These wallpapers may look really nice, but they consume a lot of space and battery. So, if you use a live wallpaper, change it to a static one and reduce the usage of animation.
  3. Don’t Clutter. Don’t Litter
    Do you remove unused icons, apps or widgets from your phone’s home screen? Most of us don’t. Then we wonder about slow performance. First, we need to remove all clutter for better performance. If you don’t use it, you don’t need it. Remove it now.
  4. Sweep before you weep
    Cleaning your phone is important and quite easy, and cleaning apps are a blessing in disguise. Clearing up cached data removes a lot of junk data that makes your phone unbearably slow.
  5. Syncing is probably not a best option
    As much as we all love syncing our phone to our various accounts to make things easier, we often forget how it also makes our phone’s performance really slow. It’s not always necessary to sync everything to everything. Choose your data sync wisely.

It all boils down to one simple decision: Performance or preference.

The choice is yours.

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