Making Your WiFi more versatile through DD-WRT

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DD-WRT: a Linux based alternative open source firmware to upgrade and enhance wireless internet routers. This firmware has advanced capabilities that make your internet and home network more controllable and versatile.

DD-WRT is simple to handle. It enhances the wireless router’s performance and improves your network setup. Here are a few more benefits DD-WRT offers:
• Improved Network Stability and detailed Network Status Information
• Real-time bandwidth graphics and statistics
• Access to information about wireless networks in your area so that you can adjust your network effectively
• Wi-Fi hotspot integrations
• Virtual LAN support
• Advanced Wireless Modes
• Advanced Port Forwarding
No More Neighbors Stealing Your Wi-Fi!
DD-WRT gives your home network the security of an enterprise level router, and doesn’t let unrequested packets pass through your WAN port. This means hackers won’t even know that there’s a network there.
You can setup router security using a web-based interface, which provides a range of security protocols to make your WiFi secure.

DD-WRT has a built in VPN connectivity which automatically sends all your network traffic over the VPN.

Before you try, install and use DD-WRT for your router, it is necessary that you know the following:
1. Your warranty is lost!
You lose your manufacturer’s warranty when you make any performance-enhancing changes to your device (router). So, using DD-WRT invalidates your router’s warranty support. You will not be able to call Linksys, D-Link, or any others for assistance.

2. High probability of Router Brickage.
Installing DD-WRT is risky. When you modify anything, there’s always a potential for suffering unintentional consequences.
3. A non-technical user can easily fiddle!
The DD-WRT Interface is intuitive and easy to use. Hence it can be tweaked easily, you don’t need to be a geek for that!

DD-WRT offers news ways to improve your wireless network. It can do more to improve your wireless signal by actually making your router transmit more powerfully. With all the benefits it offers, there lies minor risks too.

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