7 Hacks for Longer iPhone Battery Life

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The iPhone is a great digital companion, always offering something for you to do with your time. At least

until your battery dies out, which unfortunately can happen very often if you’re as active on the device

as we think you are. So here are a few tips to save yourself some battery time with your iPhone:

Latest Software Update

Apple updates always include advanced energy saving technologies, so make sure you get the latest iOS

update for your phone.

Keep it in comfort zone!

iPhone is designed to perform well in a wide range of temperature but it is advisable to avoid exposing it

to temperatures higher than 35˚C, which can permanently damage its battery capacity. The ideal

comfort zone for your device is 16 ˚C to 22 ˚C. When using the device in a very cold environment, you

may notice battery reduction but that will be temporary.

Undress before charging!

Remove iPhone cases before charging as it generates excess heat and can damage the battery capacity.

Sometimes it gets hot when you charge, it is because of the iPhone case.

Optimize your settings

To preserve your battery life you need to follow 2 simple things no matter how you use your device:

1. Turn on Auto-Brightness.

Auto-Brightness adjusts your device’s brightness to lightening conditions automatically. This

helps in extending battery life.

2. Use Wi-Fi

When you use your device to access data, use a Wi-Fi connection. Mobile Network uses more

power than Wi-Fi. So keep Wi-Fi on at all times.

Low Power Mode – ON!

Low Power Mode reduces display brightness, optimizes device performance and minimizes system

animations. When you turn on low power mode – all the background apps stop working. You can use

key functions such as making and receiving phone calls, messages and emails, accessing the internet and


When your battery charge goes up, it will automatically turn off the low power mode.

(The low power mode was introduced with the update of iOS 9)

Manage your apps as per Battery Usage.

1. Turn off the apps that use more proportion of battery in the background. Suppose the mail app

– it refreshes in the background continuously. You can change the settings of the app to manual

fetching or increase the fetch interval.

2. Turn off the location service option for different apps to optimize the battery life. When it is

turned on, it uses the battery continuously in the background.

3. Turn off the Home & Lock Screen notifications, they frequently wake your device which uses up

valuable battery.

USB charging – Plug IN and Power ON!

When charging your device via USB, make sure your computer is plugged in and powered on. If the

computer is turned off or is in sleep or standby mode, your device’s battery may drain.

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