8 Smart Ways to Use Your Old Smartphone

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We all face this dilemma of what to do with our Old Smartphone. Sell it. Bin it. Give it to friend?!

What else? A lot actually.

Build an alarm. Offline GPS. Music Player. Torch! And so much more.

1. Smart Controller

All you have to do is pair your smartphone with the TV, PC or Laptop using an app and it’s done! You can bin your standard TV remote and use the cool smartphone controller. Now, next time if you want tochange the channel – you don’t have to dig the couch to find your TV remote! Do it with your cool old smartphone.

2. Smart Radio

There are a lot of online stations out there on the web, you can download one and tune in. Set it up in one corner of the room and play what you like! Apps like Saavn and Gaana has a feature of making your own playlist or playing the music that suits your mood and if you’re lazy enough, you can just play from your friends’ playlist!

Play smart with your smartphone.

3. Smart Secure

Don’t feel like using your smartphone? Leave it in one fixed place and use it as a home security camera.There’s an app for everything! Find a security camera app which you can connect to at any time over the web. Keep your home secured.

4. Smart Reader

Does your smartphone run like a sloth? Yes?! Ok. No? Good Enough! It can anytime run an E-reader app such as kindle or kobo or any app that you prefer. One smart way to use your smartphone is use it as a smart reader!

5. Smart Scanner

Even if you don’t have a super quality camera on you old smartphone, it will certainly digitize paperdocuments. So get yourself an app such as CamScanner, Evernote Scannable and there you go! A portable pocket scanner!

6. Smart Skype

Setup your old smartphone as a webcam for skype or other VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol)services. Make sure you have a desktop dock to make it stand stable and a steady WiFi Connection to make video and voice calls to your family and friends.

7. Smart Play

You know your younger ones can’t get enough of your smartphone, so when it’s time to upgrade you give this old smartphone to them. They’ll find endless ways to play with your smartphone but make sure you backup your data before handing it over to them.

8. Smart Word

Install word and turn your out dated smartphone into a word processor. You can also get a wireless keyboard which helps in making it even more convenient for you. These are a few smart ways to use your old smartphone. Give life to your old smartphone!

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