5 tips for better photography with iPhone

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We all love taking photographs, don’t we? Birthdays. Anniversaries. Cocktail parties. Trips. Lunch dates.

Candlelight dinners. Random selfies. Office outings. We like to capture every moment in our camera.

Making small visual notes of the good times spent together with our loved ones.

On their 1st anniversary, he held his iPhone trying to figure out how to take photographs from it. He was

all confused, no matter what he did he wasn’t able to take a perfect picture of that lovely moment. Such

moments can be frustrating. You might feel like throwing away your phone, but wait. We have some

hacks for your iPhone to take better photographs.

Focus is the key

It is surprising that many iPhone users are not aware that they can tap the camera screen to adjust the

focus. When you tap on the screen, it won’t just adjust but it will also make your photos look better by

applying exposure to them. You can also fine tune the brightness by scrolling your fingers up and down

the screen as required.

Grid it

Landscape photo is what you crave for? Then turn on the grid feature in your iPhone. Go to Settings

then Camera and then Grid. Remember that the images can look better if screen is in the upper or lower

horizon. The classic ‘rule of thirds’, also states that if the objects in the frame are off-center then they

will appear better.

Go Flash

When you are unable to click and customize your photos accordingly then switch on your flash! When

it’s sunny but want to give your photo an unwanted shadow. The flash option will help you out.

Burst it

Want to take multiple images at once? Why don’t you try the burst mode? You can take 10 images per

second with this mode on. The smartphone being smart will automatically recommend you the best

image out of all of them, based on different criteria.

Lock away

For better photography there’s another tool for you. The AE/AF Lock! This can be enabled by simply

tapping on the display and then holding your finger down on the screen until a box pops twice. It won’t

go away until you switch off the phone.

High Dynamic Range

The best friend of your iPhone is the HDR. When you are trying to capture a beautiful scenery or

sunrises and intensely colored objects then HDR will help you. You can click various images with

different exposure. By default, the camera catches all images in HDR but you can always switch it off.

Now never be confused while capturing the beautiful moments of your life. Refer to our blog.

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