How to Keep Your Smartphone Cool

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Summers can be really terrible at times. When you are out, not inside your air conditioned room. Ice cream & ice gola vendors are rejoicing. School students & teachers are enjoying off their summer vacation. Have you ever thought about the little but precious thing you carry around everywhere you go? Yes, your smartphone! Summer brings out the enemies to our trustworthy devices.

The metal design of the smartphone which gives them an awesome look & strengthens their signal receiving capabilities is what we all look for, isn’t it? However, looks are not everything. Such amazing look comes with a price that is too hot to handle.

Why the metal body? Well experts say that the metal design ensures that heat which is generated by the phone’s internals is quickly gone. Although we know that the metal will dispel heat faster but we all have also experienced that the metal body is hotter than plastic bodies.

So what are the steps you need to take in order to keep your device cool & ensure it has a long life for the battery.
With all the complex designs smartphones have nowadays, people use it a lot for multi-tasking. The components of a smartphone like processors, battery, memory etc, all get used up till its maximum capacity. Hence, overheating the device. Unlike, laptops or computers, smartphones don’t have any kind of fans or cooling systems inbuilt in them. There is no room for ventilation as such.

What happens? What happens is your device gets really heated up.

You might have seen some people who are always glued to their smartphones? Well, here’s the thing for them. Excessive gaming or using of different applications at one time can also lead to heating problems of your device. Gaming can really put a lot of pressure on the motherboard if the smartphone. Which is one of the major reasons of overheating. Advice is to minimize the use of gaming in your smartphone.

Using apps like GPS for maps, increasing the brightness of the screen & browsing throughout the day can also cause the smartphone to heat up really quickly.

Video streaming and internet browsing also use lots of data processing power, while these functions are staples of smartphone usage, abusing them can also lead to overheating.

Metal body is good in a way that it helps in dispersing heat generated by the processor and internals which plastic body fails to do to some extent. However for a metallic device it can prove to be both a boon and a bane, as the device itself may get too hot to handle due to overheating processors.
If you feel your phone is overheating, you can try taking the back case off. Taking the case off will allow the phone cool down quicker.

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