Lifetime Warranty. Did I hear it right?

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Last night we had a party. Parties are fun with friends together at one place, delicious food and some amazing drinks. People dancing or singing the whole night. Fun, isn’t it? However, like everything in life, all good things come to an end. So did this party. Life doesn’t come with a warranty card. Anything can change within seconds in life. There’s no guarantee. But, good news! Repaireasy gives Lifetime Warranty on broken/cracked screen for iPhone/iPads.

Are you confused?

We are sure you all must be shocked and full of anticipation about what we just announced. But you heard it right. Lifetime Warranty is something which you won’t get anywhere else but only if you avail repaireasy’s services. Don’t we all face the heart-wrenching sadness of broken/cracked/scratched mobile screens? It’s even more heart breaking when the broken screen is of an iPhone/iPad. Getting it fixed is expensive and comes with no warranty or few months warranty at max!

Broken Screen? We will fix it!

We all tend to break our phone screens sometime or the other. Sometimes, by mistake and sometimes deliberately. Slipped and dropped our phone, sat on the phone, was too lazy to walk till the bed so threw it and missed. Yeah, that does happen as well. Broken or cracked screen means unable to play games, message anyone or worse unable to read messages or emails. However, we don’t cover any physical damage arising due to accidents or intentional drops. Any damage which happens due to water seeping inside the phone is also not covered. Any kind of manufacturing defects are totally covered by repaireasy.

Repaireasy is in picture with Lifetime Warranty.

That’s when repaireasy steps in. With our amazing service which includes FREE pick-up & drop, expert engineers, rock solid customer support you will be never disappointed. Now all your broken screen problems will be resolved in a jiffy. Not only that but for every repair we do, we will give lifetime warranty for your iPhone/iPad screen.
Now say goodbye to broken screens and lay your hands on this best offer ever!

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