6 quick hacks to be an iPhone pro

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6 quick hacks to be an iPhone pro

So you think you know your iPhone really well?

Think again.

Have you ever wished to have some extra storage space in your phone? Wished to copy some information from one screen to another without having to flip the screen?

You might remain glued to your iPhone the whole day but still not know about these simple everyday hacks which might make your life a little bit easier.

Therefore, we are here to walk you through some hacks which you might have never known before. These are not any popular hacks we are talking about like customizing the background or playing video games from the 90’s. These iPhone hacks are very handy and useful in our day to day life.

Some tips to that will help you use iPhone like a pro:

1) Type it right:

Annoyed while typing a message to your friend? The caps lock tends to act a little crazy every time you start a new sentence? Well, no more. With this shortcut feature in iPhone, bid adieu to letter case issues. Double tap the space bar at the end of the sentence for a while & start a new sentence with capital letter. It is as simple as it sounds.

2) Plug press:

Clicking selfies is a new trend, it seems. Everywhere you will find someone posing in front of the camera. This iPhone hack will make clicking selfies much easier than before. You don’t even have to touch your phone, interesting isn’t it? Plugged your earphones to your iPhone? Well, just press the + button of your earplug & click amazing selfies without losing focus.

3) Turn it up? No.

Who likes listening to the rants of some stranger’s personal life? Not anyone. We face a lot of hindrances in the background while listening to music. Now iPhone users don’t have to adjust volume every sec. Just Go to Settings >Music >Late Night & experience awesome music which suits your mood without any external interferences.

4) Shake it up:

Are you one them who likes to always construct proper sentences, no matter if it’s on messages? However, when you mess up sentence while typing a message to your friend & are too lazy to delete the whole sentence. Well, here’s a simple hack for iPhone users, just shake your phone to delete what you have written & start fresh.

5) Read right:

The most horrifying pop-up one can get is “low storage space”. Such notification makes us delete few apps unwillingly. To save some space in your iPhone, now you don’t have to install dictionary app. Just simply select the word you want to know the meaning of & click on the “define” option to know more.

6) Roam around:

While you are travelling to some other city or international, the expense of data card might not be that pocket friendly. Save some money by cache maps for offline use. Zoom on the location you want travel & type Ok Maps on search bar to save offline map.

These hacks will simplify your life by helping you to operate your iPhone easily.

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