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If you have had your laptop for more than a year or two, it might be full of dust. And like we know, dust isn’t the best friend we are looking to hang around with. Dust clogs fans, vents, and heat sinks, can prevent your laptop from cooling down properly. You can remove a good amount of this dust, even if you can’t open your laptop. As your laptop won’t cool down properly, the heat can damage hardware. Your laptop’s fan might start to run at full blast which would result in draining battery & reduced performance.

Open. Clean. Repeat.

The newly designed laptops nowadays are not designed to be opened by the users. However, this might give it an amazing look and feel but this also presents a serious problem. Just like in a desktop you shut down the PC, open the case, blow out all the compressed air from it. Similarly, you can do it for a laptop. Only if you can open it, isn’t it?

Well check the laptop manual, check if your laptop has a bottom panel which you can unscrew and access the inside. Shut down the laptop, remove the battery and unscrew the bottom panel. Also, depending upon your laptop, the warranty may or may not be void. After you open the laptop, use a can of compressed air to blow out the dust from the internals of your laptop. You have to be careful while doing this as the dust might just keep moving around instead of getting out. While you are trying to clean the fans of your laptop, be careful and don’t spin them too quickly. Spin them in different directions, so that they are not damaged.

What’s the key?

When you are cleaning your laptop, it is important to clean the keyboard as well. The main objective here is not to let any kind of liquid drip into the keyboard. You can use the same can of compressed air to remove food crumbs that are lying between your keys. You can use some kind of cleansing solution or with the use of soap & water also you can remove stains.

Vent it out

Does your laptop has large vents on the side? Well, then you will find a lot of dust around it. Again, use the can of compressed air to blow out the dust, this will make your laptop look perfectly new & clean again. It will improve the performance & keep the temperature of your laptop in check.

It’s important and quite easy to clean your laptop. Cleaning your laptop would help it to boost performance & increase longevity. However, if due to some reason your laptop stops working, we are here for you.

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