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My Bag of Memories
I have a bag at home. A bag full of albums. Birthdays. Anniversaries. My childhood. Our pet. The new house. The new car. Trips. An album for every significant and insignificant event. Every page in every story in my life.
I call it the bag of memories.
It’s fun. Going through all these albums as a kid. I have seen the transition, from camera, to film, to photograph, to album. Today, that transition is done. The digital has arrived.
Click. Collect. Store. Share.
Now, you don’t flip through an album, you swipe through digital memories.
All of us, no matter how old, just LOVE to collect memories and store them for later. To laugh, to well-up a bit, maybe even crib a bit about how goofy we used to look. We all love memories, don’t we?
So here we are. We’re going to show you a better, easier, hassle-free way to keep your memories safe.
“I have far too much storage space …” said no-one ever.
Want to know where you can save all your digital memories? Google Photos.
Google photos gives you limitless storage for your photos. For unlimited memories, unlimited storage. The process is really simple.
All you need is a Google Account synced with your smartphone and you’re good to go. As soon as you click pictures on your phone, it’s automatically stored in your Google Photos App.
That’s it. It’s THAT simple!

Why use Google Photos?
Good question. Here’s a better answer:
1> Back-up your photos and share them with your friends on integrated social media.
2> It compresses images without quality loss and frees up a ton of device space.
3> It goes beyond that. Edit your images with great effects. The search option helps you to search for any image effortlessly.
Backup your photos. Backup your memories.
Use Google Photos now!

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